Trail Rabac - Labin

...from Sea to the Old Town...

uphill: about 3,5km (included church of Sv.Hadrian; 1st&2nd waterflow);  +300m high

downhill: about 2,7km (return path through Pinetina & above the 1st waterfall)

Official name of the path: 804 Sentonina staza, ex 424; old name: Trim staza

Starts in front of the Nk Rabac Stadium. At the crossroads after the first bridge you can go left and go directly up to Labin. We choose to go right and visit the first waterfall and lake…

Prvi slap trim staze

…then back to the first crossroads, and turn left to arrive to the water source…

staza dio slap-izvor

…panorama from the water source…

pogled sa izvora na jezerca

…after the highest uphill segment…panorama to the bridge…

pogled na most cesta Rabac-Labin

…after 50m on the right is a small unofficial deviation to a small cave and a panorama to the 2nd waterfall and mill

pogled na drugi slap iz pecine

…back to the offical path  and at the crossroads turn left to the church St.Hadrian (12-13.C)

crkvica Sv. Hadriana

…panorama to the bay…

panorama na Rabacki zaljev

…back to the main path…and before the next(2nd) bridge turn right to small unofficial path to reach the 3rd waterfall…

treci slap na stazi Rabac-Labin

and mill..

drugi mlin na stazi Rabac-Labin

…back to main path and after the next(3rd) bridge go left along the water stream…

slapiste Rabac-Labin

…till the Aldo Negri cave (with a water source)…

pecina Aldo Negri

…at last arrive in Labin Old Town…back to Rabac through forest Pinetina

slapista Rabac-Labin

…connect to the uphill path at the 3rd bridge…than on the same uphill path till the water source…about 20m after the water source deviate left to the first mill…

prvi mlin Rabac-Labin

…you can take a look to nice lakes…

slapista iznad slapa

…and waterfalls…

slapovi iznad prvog alapa

…pass above the first waterfall to came back at start of the path

sajla iznad slapa


log Rabec-labin